How to Choose a VOIP Phone Service Provider


Everything is going with the new technology, cell phones, cable, radio, and TV. So, if anyone of us think that if the traditional landline phone service is here to stay, then they are useless themselves. VoIP phones service is taking the place of old traditional phone service and next few years traditional phone service will become totally disappear.

All VoIP phone service providers are not created equal and it is important to know what to see, when you are going to choosing a VoIP phone service provider.

Type of calls you make
Most of the VoIP services cost between $30 and $45 per month for unlimited local and international calls. Most cable companies that offer VoIP service cost $6 to $9 or more per month, VoIP specialized companies like 5 lynx (Globulin) and Vonage.

Some of the VoIP phone service providers have very little international call rates than others, so make sure that you check the company’s international fees for the countries that you will call in future. Make one more thing sure that how much you will pay for international phone calls, which are not having even in all international calling tariff.

If the VoIP phone service provider sells VoIP phones. Which have a VoIP phone is very helpful because you can take this phone with you even outside the country, a high-speed internet connection and continuously making and receiving phone calls. Your new phone number works with the phone so, you do not have to worry about forwarding any number.

Hidden costs
Mostly VoIP phone services have an adapter, but not all that, so be sure to check which company is good. Many services charge fees up-front for setup and shipping ofequipment’s.

Local number portability
Many companies allow customers to keep their original phone number, sometimes it is not possible on depending at the local service. Some services do not allow this.

Compatibility of other equipment and services
All home security are not systems, satellite TV receivers also work with VoIP service. You may want to consider a VoIP service provider that has seemed up with other wireless and digital service providers give you the offer of having digital services which works along with their VoIP service.

The 5 lynx (Globulin) is the only VoIP service provider that offers a security system,a leader in wireless security systems that is completely compatible with their VoIP service. The 5 lynx has also partnered with Dish Network and Direct TV to give more options to use their services.


Multiple lines
The multiple-line options are usually little or less, so mostly services are offering one line for per converter box, but some services have multi-line offers that are great for businesses which want to switch over to the VoIP phone service.

Fax compatibility
All services are not support the adding of fax machine. AT&T Call Vantage, these does have support of fax machines. Vonage and 5 lynx, charge an extra $9 a month for a separate fax line. Make it sure first, that if this is important for you or for your business. Liked the article visit our website .